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Cherry picking is a method of picking small pieces of information from and study, or statement that, out of context can be made to appear to say something completely different from the truth. For example, climate change skeptics point to the peak in world average temperatures in 1998, then to today's temperature, and say "look it's cooler now than in 1998. We have global cooling!!" What they fail to mention, and don't want you to know is that there are cycles of heating and cooling, caused by things such as the 11 year solar flare cycle, and the 7 year el Nino ocean current cycle, as well as volcanoes, and simple weather fluctuations, that have peaks and valleys sharper than the gradual increase in temperature, driven by man made greenhouse gases.
Here is the graph that they use to claim that we now have global cooling. Are the people who claim that it is cooler now than in 1998 lying? Maybe not, but do we have "global cooling"? look at the graph, and YOU decide.

  • "Institutes"
    Someone wanting to give the impression of academic, or scholarly studies, can set up a private institute of their own and hire anyone who will say anything for a price. Having a degree doesn't make someone right, or honest, it just means that they are "educated". A good example of this is the Oregon institute of Science and Medicine, and the role it played in 1998 in circulating a deceptive "scientists' petition" on global warming in collaboration with Frederick Seitz, a retired former president of the National Academy of Science. To read an in depth critic of the infamous "Oregon Paper" click here. An other example of privately funded institutes is "The Heartland Institute". (privately funded does not exclude corporations, like big oil and tobacco). Here is an analysis of The Heartland Institute by- SourceWatch
  • Attack the messenger.
      In order to discredit a message, you can attack the messenger. For example, people will point to Al Gore, and say "he flys all over the world burning up jet fuel, he's a hypocrite, global warming is a hoax". The thing is, Al Gore is just a messenger, what ever his motives may be. You can check out his sources, investigate the facts behind his message, and weigh them for truth, based on the merit of the research.
  • Attack the straw man.
    A straw man is an imposed argument that does not exist. Someone will claim that someone says something that they do not in fact, say. Then attack that non existent argument, and claim all other arguments made by that person must also be suspect. For example "climatologists claim that CO2 levels are the single temperature controlling factor". No climatologist says this, but the climate change skeptics claim that they do, then point fact that up until now, other factors have always been the driving force behind global temperature increases. For a in depth look at this particular straw man argument, click here.